Press Release

Welcome to my world!

Ann Gallarano being interviewed by Sloan Barnett; August 31, 2018

I was so excited when I was asked to be interviewed by Sloan Barnett of San Francisco television fame.  We’re here at her home in the Palisades in San Francisco and waiting in the gorgeous atrium in their 22 room mansion, filled with unique pieces of fine art adorning the walls and every nook.

indexSloan looked stunning in her burgundy business suit and high heels as she entered the room full of vigor and excitement.  “I understand that you and your soul mate, Leo,  took a 3-month vacation and did some traveling.  Can you tell us something about where your trip commenced?”  Well, we started our trip in Sicily, which had always been a dream of mine and Leo’s, especially since Leo’s father was Sicilian.  The part that was so fabulous was that all 3 of our daughters and their families came to spend 10 days with us in a beautiful villa overlooking the turquoise Mediterranean Sea in Agrigento.  We visited ancient roman ruins and took magnificent drives along the ocean.  The highlight of the trip was going to Caltinisetta, the town where Leo’s father was born, to connect with a cousin that Leo hadn’t seen since he was a young man in his 20’s.

alberobello-trulli-italy“When your family left Sicily you and Leo took off for parts Italy?”  Yes, I wanted to check out the arch and heel of the boot, so to speak, so we went an area called Basillicata and Apulia. It’s very different than Rome or northern Italy where we’ve traveled before. It has a more serene beauty and the food is more hardy.  One of my favorites is the array of cured meats and the beautiful mountain cheeses served with thick slices of bread.  A favorite destination was Puglia where the trulli, or conical shaped houses form a maze of narrow streets and is now a Unesco World Heritage site.`

“I know that you’re involved in a network marketing business. Can you tell us how that contributed to your good fortune of being able to take the time to travel to places you dreamed of?” Sure. I earnestly mentored with the Laziest Networker and mastered the skills necessary to work hands on with my business partners. I’ve experienced a heart-felt happiness helping a new business partner each year experience their financial freedom and personal dreams and desires.  I set goals of what I wanted every month deposited into my checking account so that I could support my lifestyle and joyfully be able to support an organization that’s important to me, No Kid Hungry.  The skills paid off and the dream came true!!

bella-mattina-styled-shoot-2016-styled-shoot-0060“Ann, could you share with us some of the other interesting and fun things that you and your daughter are involved in? “  I’d love to!  We have a gorgeous 10- acre estate in the mountains of West Virginia with rolling hills and lush woods and all kinds of wildlife. We turned it into a Rustic Event Center.  There’s a 1920’s bank barn on the property that people love coming to from the city and to have something unique for their memorable day, like weddings and other joyful celebrations.  There’s also a B&B on the property and a Japanese-inspired glass and wood house built into the bank on the edge of the woods looking down onto a meandering stream.  I have to add that each structure is environmentally friendly and self-sustaining, something that’s very important to us.  She and I feel strongly about supporting organizations who foster sustainability.

“It’s pretty apparent that your daughter, Lee-Ann, right, is involved in your businesses?”  Yes, her name is Lee-Ann, and yes she is very involved.  I have been blessed that she wanted to be a part of all of it with me.  I was honored in my life to help many people change the course of their lives so they were in a position to live their dreams. This positioned me to leave a beautiful estate to Lee-Ann so she has options of how she would like to continue to lead her life when the time comes for her to make those decisions. Until then, she and I have a fun time with every aspect of being in business together and wake up every day in awe of the beauty that surrounds us and the good fortune that we have had.