Week #18 It Keeps Getting Better

Week 18 was powerful and even more transforming than any other in the past for me. I watched Finding Joe last night and I’ve heard Mark describe the Hero’s Journey many times.  I got it each time he pointed out that every movie with a story is the Hero’s Journey and I understood (or thought I did) each of the steps as the hero continued on the journey and put myself in those shoes. When Mark asked the question “How can we all be the Greatest Salesman?” I was not connecting the Hero’s Journey to the question.  What hit me as I watched Finding Joe was that the dragon to be conquered is the dragon I’ve made up. But more importantly, I quit seeing the Dragon as something else to be conquered.  I finally understood that the Dragon is me, just as the greatest salesman and the prospect are one and the same – me.

I took today off from any business just to feel what this means to me. I found myself laughing at the dragon I’ve conjured for such a long time.  It has caused much dismay and has been troublesome. The very, very excellent thing is that our exercises, the  sit, gratitude, visualizations and readings have given me the courage to continue to dismantle the dragon and continue my journey.dragons1


Week 17A – DMP – Review – Permission

During this past week I spent a fair amount of time thinking about the wording I used to describe one of my PPNs, which is Legacy.  For 17 weeks I’ve read it and knew there wasn’t enough clarity describing it to evoke feeling and to read with enthusiasm. I reviewed Master Key 9 where it stated – In this Part you may learn to fashion the tools by which you may build for yourself any condition you desire. To think correctly, accurately, we must know the Truth. The truth then is the underlying principle in every business or social relation. Later in the week I was listening to Mark’s webinar on Go90Grow and his emphasis on teaching, teaching, teaching, for your team’s success (related to my PPN). I am a teacher and in truth it’s what I love doing the most and I felt it! I knew it! I looked forward to rewriting my DMP, re-recording my recording to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and changing my movie poster.  I was reminded of how words are the architect of our thoughts and how empowered I felt to hear them and read them. I gave myself permission to move forward.permission

On another note, my husband commented yesterday as I was going out the door to a networking lunch, that I look different.  That I’m carrying myself with more confidence and radiated a powerful persona.  I’m giving myself permission to allow the cement to come off.






Week#17 – Bulldozing through life

As I read lesson 17 I was reminded how in the past I didn’t really pay attention to the causes of the outcomes from certain choices that influenced how I would move forward or not! I’ve always admired others who weigh in on making decisions, which I equate to thought and formulating a clear thought to get closer to their desired effect.  I had been a person who was like a bulldozer, plowing ahead to make sure things were taken care of without a clear thought behind the plowing.  This was NOT a position of strength. Physical energy is nothing in comparison with the omipotence of thought, because thought enables man to harness all other natural power.

All of the Keys have had an incredible effect on me along with the recommended sit.  I cherish the time of quiet…it has allowed me to reflect on how I’ve come a very long way from bulldozing and understanding the power of thought and the permission I’ve given myself to concentrate on what I want with a clearer vision as I continue to move forward.quote-2





Week#16 A week of change

Week 16 has been one of significantly noticeable change for me.  Beginning with a concentration on Kindness from me and to me, along with taking the time to observe kindnesses to and from others I feel a lightness, warmth and noticeably more smiles on my face and those around me.  I’ve also chosen the words harmonious and happy to focus on as many times throughout the day as possible.  I’m in love with how a thought that has vitality will have life! It will grow, develop and expand. All of these words pepper my thoughts and are the replacement thoughts when I have the need to apply the Law of Substitution.

The old subby is beginning to fade and I’m in awe of how we can truly get what we ask for.  Sometimes the old subby wants to come into play and argue that this is too good and won’t last, but the results of being happier and my solar plexis opening and shining through and getting what I ask for have been too overwhelming to allow myself to step backwards.

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!


Week #15 Insight

“There can be no question but that he who is wise enough to understand will readily recognize that the creative power of thought places an invincible weapon in his hands and makes him a master of destiny.”  How one uses this creative power is subjected to the outcome of the action of that thought, as we can only get what we give. Haanel continues to write about the importance of insight in what I interpret as the guiding principle of the outcome of all thought.

This lesson is really enlightening as I look back over the past 5 years where I’ll describe my life as feeling like I had been swimming in molasses. It’s made me reflect on thoughts and choices that were sometimes made out of desperation and lacked any insight pertaining to obstacles and difficulties.

I joined the MKMMA to move my life forward and elevate my thoughts to a higher plane.  The addition of sitting quietly, concentrating and gaining sufficient insight to ask the right questions and to understand the roadblocks and the possibilities is something whose time has come.





Week #14

changeWeek 14 was  fun and busy and quite challenging to stay abreast of the requirements of MKMMA and that’s the reason for the late blog post!  What I found, though, was the innate awareness of applying what we’ve already learned, as Mark has pointed out.  I found myself using the Mental Diet in many conversations and being an observer during the holidays more than I’ve ever been.  I persisted each day to read Og mostly twice a day, listen to my recording and visualize my movie poster as I ran each day.  I read over and over MK 14-27 which talks about bringing about a radical change in your life and entering into the discipline necessary and allowing nothing to interfere with your decision. And, as each day brought different challenges to my scheduled practice for the MKMMA, I always repeated my DMP to myself as many times a day as I could to keep harmony within.  I feel really good and excited to continue into 2017 and to experience the continued affects of MKMMA.  Always will I take another step – Og Mandino.

Week#14 A Big Lie

I watched the movie A Big Lie last week and it had a great impression on me.  Mostly because of the nature of the story…it tears at your heart and magnifies the concept that one cannot make judgement on another until you’ve walked in their shoes.

This was a movie that encompassed all four pieces of the MKMMA formula. One member of the family had been separated upon arriving in America and the 3 brothers had a DMP to reunite all of them again.  Throughout the story, two of the brothers maintained a strong PMA as the other brother was introduced to a different culture in the US and began to lose hope of reuniting.  Throughout the entire movie there was a determination by the brothers to continue a plan of action while master minding with two other influencers in their immediate community.  Through the trials and tribulations of being, basically, thrown into a foreign culture, the brothers prevailed and were eventually reunited with their sister.

What I saw as the big lie, was going on inside the mind of one of the brothers who had taken leadership of the family upon getting into the US.  But, in Africa during all the strife and running for their lives his older brother who was their chief and leader was killed.  He felt responsible for the killing and harbored it. One day he received a letter from his brother saying that he was alive in Africa.(I’m not doing good job of this because I don’t recall their names), but the brother in America who was blaming himself for the death,  found his way back to Africa to locate his older brother.  They were re-united in a refugee camp.  When the younger brother from the US was given permission to return to the US and the older brother was not the younger brother gave him his credentials and told the older brother to lie and be consistent in saying he was him.  It was a great ending because the chief arrived in the US and was re-united with his other bothers and sister.  The younger brother was happy to stay in Africa and help the refugees in the medical camp because he wanted to go on to be a doctor.

This is a light summary of a very touching movie that proved the DMP+POA+PMA+MM equaled success and that sometimes, it’s necessary to tell a lie that gives.