Week #23 Moving forward

I’m sad that the MKMMA course is coming to a close.  I have looked forward each week to the webinars and teachings and the ah-ha moments I’ve experienced. I’m sorry to say that I didn’t participate as frequently  in the Alliance as was recommended and am now feeling that I’ve missed a huge part of the course and meeting new friends.That being said, the very exciting outcome is that I’m using without effort what I’ve practiced and am seeing and feeling the positive effects they’re having on my life. Six months ago I was going down the rabbit hole and not able to get a grip on how to make the changes that were necessary for the happiness of my marriage and what I thought was a dire financial situation.  I created what I didn’t want because of fear created by my language and my thoughts. I am grateful for the consistent encouragement from Mark and Davene to do the work and embrace my journey to continue to do the work

I wake each morning in gratitude that I’m vertical, repeat that I will live this day as if it is my last and I am master of my emotions.



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