Week #22 Experiences from the past

After watching the video of Joseph Campbell and listening to the pre-webinar this week a past experience came into mind.

About 20 years ago I had the opportunity to attend a seminar where the speaker took us into past lives and future lives.  It’s difficult to remember the premise of how this was set up to begin other than being put in a hypnotic state and told that we were going to a masquerade ball.  We were to take note of who we saw as we entered the ball room.  The first character I saw was a person dressed as Cleopatra bedecked in jewels and beautifully made up eyes.  The second was a man dressed as a gangster out of the 1920’s wearing a cool hat tilted every so slightly to the side and wearing a trench coat. The third was someone dressed as Abe Lincoln with the tall stove top hat, and dark and heavy wool clothes.  When we were brought back to the present the speaker proceeded to tell us that’s who we were in past lives!!  I laughed and couldn’t take it seriously and just thought it sounded like a good movie possibility.  We then went into another hypnotic state and he took us into a future life.  Now, in this life I’m on board a space craft standing in the captain’s helm.  There was me, my best friend and several others staring out of a really large semi-circular window surrounded by computers and lights.  What I remember was laughing and looking into space with a complete feeling of freedom, excitement, joy and hope.

So, as I recalled this experience, I began looking at it differently.  Maybe it was a metaphor for all my different masks and that my future life experience was the shedding of the masks and all of it still is a part of my Hero’s Journey.






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