Week#3 Perfection of the DMP

Thank you Mark and Davene! I love your passion and the MK webinar was outstanding for me. The emphasis on clarity and the use of words in describing the now had a huge impact. It’s getting clearer to me that without the clarity of what I truly want and the perfection of the vision, there isn’t a chance for it to manifest.  Confusion sucks and it stops all progress. I’ve been dazed and confused!  I welcome the Hero’s Journey.the-meaning-of-life


8 thoughts on “Week#3 Perfection of the DMP

  1. RitaGMasterKey

    Clarity, structure all part of building the new blueprint, I am beyond grateful for the torture I went through last year, I stand here today just amayzed that anyone even talked to the old version of me, but love and gratitude is a wonderful thing!

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  2. Willena Flewelling

    You’re absolutely right that confusion stops all progress! That’s where I was just yesterday, with respect to my DMP. Today it all came together for me, and now I know where I’m headed and how to get there!

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